In the following text, technoventure, inc. is referred to as TV.


Please make sure items are what you really want before ordering. Orders can be cancelled if they have not yet been shipped. After shipment, all sales are considered to be final. Items are shipped in brand new condition and this would not be possible if they were to be returned for any reason other than warranty repairs or to correct a mistaken shipment. Purchasing is not available for 365 days a year. Periods when orders will not be accepted will be posted in advance.


All merchandise is fully tested and proven to be without mechanical defect before shipment. The warranty covers repair or replacement free of labor and parts for a period of 90 days from purchase. Items may be returned for repair due to defect or craftsmanship only with prior approval in email. Purchaser must pay all shipping charges. Items will be repaired or replaced at our discretion. Visible trauma to the mechandise will void warranty.


TV is not responsible for the perceived loss of income from a system designed using modules or parts it sells because the system did not produce the results the customer expected. Most of TV's customers are Do-it-Yourselfers and it is up to them to determine the suitability of any products that go into the systems they design and build for their own use. As we know, development can be a risky venture and there is no guarantee of success when doing something new.

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