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Special Purpose Lighting

What we call special lights in the context of outdoor lighting are any source of lights that do not (directly or indirectly) come from the sun. These lights are things like camp fires, house lights at night, vehicular headlights, flashlights or torches, other kinds of fires etc. One of the most important issue here is that, usually, the color characteristics of the special lights are different from those of the main source of lighting for a scene (i.e. direct or indirect sunlight). While a whole scene can easily be color corrected in post by biasing the whole frame, you can't easily accomplish differential color correction in a scene where there are two different sources (and colors) of light. Trying to do this can be very difficult unless they are on "separate plates". The easiest way to manage color control during a shoot is when you have control of all light sources during the shoot. Our systems provide you with that level of control. Another issue with multiple light sources, especially when dealing with special light sources, is their interactions with the actors in the scene. Light can have extremely complex interactions when on set. The easiest way to "get it right" is to use real light on the live action stage instead of trying to add it in post.

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