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We use PayPal for our purchasing system. To view the items currently in your shopping cart, press the "View Cart" button above. There you can change the quantity or cancel the item. Pressing the "Add to Cart" button only puts quantity 1 into your shopping cart. This will take you to your shopping cart where you can modify the quantity.


We ship via USPS Priority. Though many complain that their tracking system is not very good, they have the lowest rates and they are still very reliable. An email containing a tracking number will be sent to the buyer soon after the order has shipped.


Please handle the modules with care. They are electrostatically sensitive and are shipped in sealed protective bags. A grounded wrist strap should be worn by the handler. Modules should be picked up and handled by their edges and/or the insulated sides of connectors. The LEDs are surface-mounted devices. They must not be subjected to mechanical forces much beyond what is necessary for them to hold themselves in place during normal use. Be aware that they have a top coating of a silicon-like substance which can grab surfaces they come into contact with instead of sliding. Visible trauma to these devices will void the warranty. Also take care not to touch any of the electrical contacts as the natural oils in human skin is corrosive and will shorten their useful lives. If these modules are used correctly, they should provide their owners many years of realiable operation.

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