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☺☻☺ Makita or MLCS Trim Router Mount /w Dust Shoe Combo Kit ☺☻☺

Makita RT0701C
MLCS 9056 Rocky

This kit will mount a Makita RT0701C Trim Router (left above) or MLCS 9056 Rocky Trim Router (right above) to an X-Carve. These two routers have basically the same dimensions with a 65mm body diameter. The upper brace serves only to hold the top portion of the router. The botton brace serves both to clamp the lower portion of the router and as a coupler to attach a Dust Dragon dust shoe (on the bottom) to a standard 1-1/4" shop vac hose (on the top). The dust shoe is a friction-fit attachment to the vac hose. The assembly is light and moves with the router instead of being fixed to the Z-Carriage of the X-Carve. This means that it tracks up and down with the Z-Axis instead of having a separate manual height adjustment as with most dust shoes (which are separately mounted on the Z carriage). Being small and light, this device requires less space than traditional dust shoes. The combo is also a cost savings as the kit sells for less than the typical price of a dust shoe alone.

The braces are made of Acetly Co-polyer (Delrin®) while the dust shoe is made of transparent Acrylic (Plexiglass®). This gives you full view of the work area while your machine is cutting. The kit also includes a mounting plate with machine screws and nuts for attaching the braces to an X-Carve.

$85: Dust Dragon Combo Mount/Dust Shoe Kit for X-Carve

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